Taking an essentials approach to skin care

Providing simple solutions that work for your skin, so you can get on with life.

Formulas for healthy-looking skin

Our formulas are evolving, but we always make sure LUBRIDERM® products retain their non-greasy, clean feel with fast absorption that provides long-lasting moisture to help keep skin looking healthy all day long.

Skincare essentials accessible to anyone

We believe that skin health is a basic human right, regardless of age, gender, or skin color. We celebrate and cultivate a community that welcomes all people, and we engineer skincare essentials that are clinically proven to moisturize for 24 hours and are readily accessible to anyone.

Healing is in our history


Our story began in 1945, when pharmacist, Louis Schleuse, developed a lightweight lotion. It was named LUBRIDERM® to describe both its moisturization and dermatological benefits. For the decades following, our brand was used solely by dermatologists, hospitals, and pharmacists for rough or itchy, dry skin.


In 1975, LUBRIDERM® became available for purchase to the public, but our acclaimed simple, effective, proven formulas became widely known for their fast-absorbing, long-lasting moisture. We remained true to our heritage by developing products for daily moisture, and extra-dry skin.

Our ‘Less Is More’ philosophy

LUBRIDERM® was founded over 75 years ago on the philosophy that less is more. Our clinically proven formulas were born out of simplicity and necessity, and our expertise is in dry skin.

Simple solutions for everyone

At LUBRIDERM®, we offer simple, effective formulas, so you can continue doing the things you love and get on with…life.