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Unlock the Power of Pro-Ceramides

Explore the science behind pro-ceramide and how it revitalizes your skin's natural barrier.

Ceramides: the essential skin moisturizer

Ceramides are the predominant lipids in the stratum corneum (skin’s outermost layer). There are hundreds of ceramide molecule types in the skin, but they all fall under the 12 essential ceramide classes or types. They are crucial in maintaining a healthy skin moisture barrier for skin that looks softer and smoother.

What do ceramides do? Key to healthy, moisturized skin

Ceramides allow your skin to lock in moisture and seal out harmful external elements. For instance, picture the tiles in a shower. Those are your skin cells. The grout that holds them together? That’s ceramides, keeping skin cells together so vital moisture is held in, and harmful elements are locked out. Helping skin look softer and healthier.

How a decrease in ceramides affect skin

Natural ceramide levels decrease with age. As they decrease, dry skin occurs due to a reduced or an imbalanced number of ceramides. Seasonal changes, such as fall and winter, can also cause a reduction in the number of ceramides produced.

Age is also a factor:

  • Mid-20’s to 30’s: ceramide levels have reduced by 20%.
  • Mid-40’s to 60’s: ceramides are reduced by roughly 40%.

Lower ceramide levels are associated with skin issues like Atopic Dermatitis, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles and skin irritation.

Pro-Ceramides: The Moisturizer ingredient that keeps on giving

Pro-Ceramides have been shown to penetrate within the skin’s surface layers and act as ceramide building blocks to allow your skin to replenish its own vital ceramides!

Now dry, aging skin can be revitalized and rejuvenated as Pro-Ceramides generate an increased number of ceramides for resilient, healthier-looking skin.

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